Welcome... This is the personal home page of Zsolt Nathaniel Perry (formerly known as Zsolt Nagy-Perge). This site contains some of my work and hobbies and links to frequently used websites.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1981 and came to the USA in 1997. As a child, I loved playing with Technic Legos. I was interested in cars, airplanes, electronics, and computers. As a teenager, I learned the QBasic programming language, C and x86 assembly. Later I picked up HTML, JavaScript, and Perl.

In my high school years, I spent a lot of time memorizing Bible verses, writing programs, and studying the stock market. In my 20s, I worked at various construction sites, and I learned carpentry, plumbing, flooring, framing, etc. I like nice houses, nice neighborhoods, and landscaping. Propagating plants is one of my hobbies. I have a computer business called AMPC Services which is registered in Florida. I repair computers and laptops. I do tune-ups, virus removal, data recovery, and various other things. The best way to contact me is through Facebook Messenger or

Home Page / Links / Shortcuts

* My Start Page - This is the first page I see every time I open my web browser.

* Start Page - This is a general start page for people who live in the Pensacola area.

Stock Market / Trading / Investing / Market Research

* Market - various Stock market related tools and links

* XChart - This is a chart program written in JavaScript which downloads stock, options, and mutual fund charts from BigCharts.com. I have created many different versions of this, and what you see here is the latest version.

* Search by Name - This is a stock search with over 12,000 stock symbols and names. Type in a word, and you'll see a list of stocks whose name all have that word.

* Chart Explorer - I wrote this charting program in JavaScript. It can download hundreds of stock charts at once and is a great tool for studying the entire stock market.

* Trade Calculator - This JavaScript program is a percentage calculator for stock trades. It's designed for a zero-commission trade platform such as Robinhood.

* Random Charts - This JavaScript program can draw a stock chart from a list of computer-generated random numbers.

* Chart List Creator III - This JavaScript program can download a list of charts from BigCharts.com. All you have to do is enter a list of symbols, and the charts will show up in a separate window.

* Trading Rules - A long list of general trading rules

Computer Repair

* Windows XP - Believe it or not I still use Windows XP! Here's how I keep my computer safe.

* Password Reset - This is a story about how I cleared the BIOS password on a Dell laptop using aluminum foil.

* KDS Laptop Repair - This is a story about how I replaced the DC jack in a KDS laptop. This is old old hardware. Nobody ever uses these laptops anymore. It's just a nice memory.

Bible & Church

* Sunday Bible Memory - These are Bible verses that we memorized on weekends in children church.

* Verses for Reading - Read these Bible verses everyday

* Verses for Reading II - A shorter list

* Verses for Reading III - Shortest verse list

* Bible Stats - Bible Verse and Chapter Statistics

* Bible Prophecy Explained by Walid Shoebat, Part I
God's Agenda For The Ages

* Pensacola Churches - A list of churches around Pensacola. I researched and compiled this list.

Computer Programming / Source Code / Free tools

* JavaScript - various JavaScript examples and a library I have written

* QBASIC - various small QBasic programs I have written

* VBA - various small VBA modules I have written

* x86 Assembly - various x86 assembly programs and functions I have written

* Perl - List of Perl links and various Perl scripts that I have written

* Text Converter - This JavaScript utility can change text in a number of ways.

* Duplicate Line Remover - This JavaScript tool removes duplicate lines from a long list.

* Color Picker - This HTML page shows a bunch of colors and their hexadecimal values.

* Color Text - This JavaScript program adds color to your text and gives you HTML code.


* Car Buying Checklist - Important checklist

* Hurricane Prep Checklist - Important checklist

* Personality Quiz - This test helps you figure out your MBTI personality type.

* Hebrew Typewriter - I wrote this in JavaScript. It let's you type Hebrew characters and then you can copy and paste it anywhere.

Last Update: March 15, 2023