Zsolt Nagy-Perge
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Welcome, this is the personal home page of Zsolt Nagy-Perge. I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1981 and came to the USA in 1997. As a child, I loved playing with Technic Legos. I was interested in cars, airplanes, electronics, and computers. As a teenager I learned the BASIC programming language, the C language and x86 assembly. Later I learned HTML, JavaScript and Perl. In my high school years, I spent a lot of time memorizing Bible verses, writing programs, and studying the stock market. Later I worked at various construction sites, and I learned carpentry, plumbing, flooring, etc. I like nice houses, nice neighborhoods, and landscaping. Propagating plants is one of my hobbies.

You may contact me through Facebook Use this link: PayPal to send me money online. If you would like to send me a file document, you may use this upload form.

Shortcuts I use most often: FL Doppler Radar | Pensacola Weather | XChart | PerlMonks | Google Maps

Search the web for using

* Start Page ~ This is my start page, the first page I see every time I open my browser.

* Start Page ~ This is the first page I see every time I open my web browser on my phone.

* Start Page ~ When I sell a computer, I set this as the start page. This is the first thing people see when they start surfing the internet.

* Start Page ~ When I sell a computer, sometimes I set this as the start page. This is designed for people who live in Alabama (USA). It has some links to local sites.

* XChart ~ This is a chart program written in JavaScript which downloads stock, options, and mutual fund charts from BigCharts.com. I have created many different versions of this, and what you see here is the latest version.

* Chart Explorer ~ I wrote this charting program in JavaScript. It can download hundreds of stock charts at once and is a great tool for studying the entire stock market.

* Trade Calculator ~ This JavaScript program is a percentage calculator for stock trades. It's designed for a zero-commission trade platform such as Robinhood.

* Chart List ~ This JavaScript program can download a list of charts from BigCharts.com. All you have to do is enter a list of symbols, and the charts will appear.

* Random Charts ~ This JavaScript program can draw a stock chart from a list of computer-generated random numbers.

* SCUL ~ StockCharts Unlimited (SCUL) is a JavaScript charting program that I wrote to study stock charts. This tool no longer works, because StockCharts.com no longer makes free advanced charts available for the public.

* Daily Reading ~ These are some Bible verses I try to read everyday.

* Sunday Bible Memory ~ These are Bible verses that we memorize on weekends in children church.

* Duplicate Line Remover ~ This JavaScript tool removes duplicate lines from a long list.

* Text Converter ~ This JavaScript utility can change text in a number of ways.

* Color Picker ~ This HTML page shows a bunch of colors and their hexadecimal values.

* Color Text ~ This JavaScript program adds color to your text and gives you HTML code.

* Personality Quiz ~ This test helps you figure out your MBTI personality type.

* QBASIC - various small QBasic programs I have written

* JavaScript - various JavaScript examples and a library I have written

What's unique about this page is that everything on this page is compatible with Internet Explorer 6. So, if you are using an old web browser, everything will display correctly as intended. Last Update: July 20, 2020